To keep your kids actively engaged during these days at home, we guarantee the continuity of our operations and remain committed to ship our tori explorer pack directly to your home.


The Benefits of tori™

At tori™, uniting families together is essential for us, we want parents to be part of their child’s adventure to share unforgettable moments. We are also convinced that the type of creativity that happens when children play and the skills that they use during that play are important skills to nurture. With that in mind, we developed a new way for children to play.

We developed all of our games in collaboration with experts in children’s learning and development. They helped us to be sure each tori™ game is a way to practice 21st century skills. Those skills are described by researchers as the most essential for children to be able to adapt to our modern society and to succeed in their future careers.

Célia Hodent, PhD in psychology and specialist of cognitive development

Executive Functions

These skills are needed to remember information, think flexibly, set goals, and regulate behaviour to reach those goals (e.g. self control).

  • Attention and memory
  • Cognitive Flexibility: the faculty to go from one task to another and to evaluate all possibilities
  • Planification

Creativity & Problem Solving

These skills are called upon to think about the information that one is given in new and novel ways to become an efficient problem-solver in and outside of school.

  • Critical thinking
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Scientific Literacy

Motor Coordination

These skills pertain to movement and, in particular, fine motor skills such as manual dexterity.

  • Reaction time
  • Dexterity

Space & Numbers

These skills are required when thinking about objects in space or numbers, time, and space and how they relate to each other.

  • Spatial reasoning
  • Logical-Mathematical reasoning

Social Skills

These skills emphasise how to get along with others and are developed as children play or work with parents and other adults, siblings, and peers.

  • Perspective taking and collaboration
  • Taking initiative
  • Emotional regulation

We aim to build a healthy relationship between digital, imagination and real worlds. For us, the more children diversify the experiences they have in their life, the more they learn. We combined the magic of digital with the fun of DIY activities with the final goal to enhance entertainment & self development within families.

We created the tori™ Dashboard app to engage parents in their child’s play as observers and above all as co-players. Through this app, available on App Store and Google Play™ Store, parents can monitor their children’s game progress and consider the types of skills that they may be practicing while playing.
Each time children play a game, we track how they interact and progress through the game. We then transform this content into smart information about the types of skills that they may be using.

To finish, we want to offer the parents the unique opportunity to supercharge their child’s adventure. Discover the challenge options! For example, have your child solve level 8 of Jungle Rescue using only 10 rocks. Power up their game and maybe even let your child challenge you!