About us

Our Vision

We believe in active playful learning that aims to build a healthy relationship between digital, imagination and real world, across ages.
The technologies we’re using create a magical yet balanced experience between digital screens and off-screen activities to unite families together.

This exciting experience allows children to express their creativity on top of having a great time with technology and real play!
Yet, every experience we’re designing aims at practicing 21st century skills to prepare children for their future. Where kids just see a good time, parents can appreciate an opportunity to make that fun even more meaningful.
Our mindful, optimistic and creative vision primes kids of all ages for future collaboration and creativity.

Our partnership

tori™ comes from the fruitful collaboration of BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment and ISKN, two complementary companies sharing the same values around society, creativity and technology.
While BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment aims at becoming the leading innovator in Global Entertainment, ISKN seeks to be the leading pioneer in augmented interactions. By uniting BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment’s expertise in videogame development with ISKN’s in augmented interactions based on international patents; together we seek to provide families a never-seen-before experience centered around creativity and fun.

Mobile Devices & Activities
Virtual and Augmented Reality
Computer Peripherals and Activities