To keep your kids actively engaged during these days at home, we guarantee the continuity of our operations and remain committed to ship our tori explorer pack directly to your home.


How it works

Dive into a disruptive 3D toys tracking solution

Our patented technology uses magnetic sensors in the tori™ Board to track the exact position and orientation of your tori™ Toy at any time. This allows us to offer a perfect and instant reflection of your every move on screen: this is why we called it the Mirror Play™ experience.

The tori™ Board recognizes your toys

Each of the tori™ Toys are identified and digitally recreated in the games through RFID technology. A compact but magic chip which allows the tori™ Board to know exactly which toy is joining the adventure!

Pilot your piece of art in the game!

Imagine whatever you want, the only limit is your creativity! Colour, use stickers, paint or glitter up your Spacecrafts. Scan them and thanks to the Mirror Play™, play with your creations!

Play in your own world

Open the Creative Book and craft the game universes with your creations. Each scan is the start of a new adventure.