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Own the game with real toys

Dive into the tori™ worlds and enjoy the Mirror Play™ experience embedded in the tori™ Board. The physical tori™ Toys are brought magically to life in the games and you can control them precisely simply by moving them above the tori™ Board.
Let's pilot the tori™ Spacecraft, fire with the tori™ Catapult or enchant objects with the tori™ Wand! Stay tuned for new experiences soon.

How does it work?

Play with your creativity

Take your Creative Book or DIY Spacecraft and express your personality! Enjoy endless creative activities. Everything is possible: craft, colour, use stickers and even creative tape. Watch your creative imagination come to life in the tori™ apps. Design your own journey and play with your creations!

Discover the creative activities
The next step in child and family-friendly creative gaming

Enjoy a balanced and bonding experience

At tori™, we think the type of creativity that happens when children play and the skills they use during that play are important to nurture. We developed all of our games and activities in collaboration with experts in children’s learning with the final goal to enhance entertainment & self development while uniting families together. The tori™ Dashboard gives parents the perfect means to support their child’s journey, at many levels!

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Designed for mobiles and tablets

Compatible with mobiles and tablets running on iOS and Android. Cast to your TV. Jump from tablet to mobile anytime and anywhere with cloud saving.

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Explorer Pack
iOS & Android
  • 1 tori™ Board
  • 3 tori™ toys (tori Catapult, tori™ Wand, tori™ Spacecraft)
  • 1 Power Bar
  • 1 Creative kit (4 DIY Spacecrafts + Creative Book + DIY Stand)
  • 4 Games
  • 1 tori™ Dashboard App
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  • Free shipping

  • Secured payment

  • 2-year warranty