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Download the 4 tori™ Games on your device

The tori™ Games are available on the App Store and Google Play™ Store. And stay tuned, we will release new apps pretty soon!

Download the tori™ Dashboard

To fully enjoy the adventure, we recommend the download of the tori™ Dashboard on the parent’s device. Through the tori™ Dashboard, your parents will allow you to save your progression on the cloud, will send you challenges to overcome and finally observe how tori™ benefits to your development.

What's in the box?

Here is the full content of your Explorer Pack, it’s everything you need to dive into the tori™ world!

Charge your tori™ Board

  • Tip: Running out of battery? Use the USB cable provided in the Explorer Pack and plug it to the tori™ Board and then to any kind of USB charger.

Connect the tori™ Board

Discover a few steps to follow before playing.
– Put the device in front of you in landscape standing position.
– Take the tori™ Board and place it between you and your smart device.
– Turn the tori™ Board on.
– Activate the Bluetooth on your device
– Open one of the tori™ Games
– Follow the instructions in-game.

  • Tip: To ensure the full functionality of the Mirror Play™ experience, be sure not to play near any metallic objects or surfaces as they may interfere with the board’s magnetic field detection technology.

Plug the Power Bar

The Power Bar owns a natural and endless energy coming from its magnetic core which helps bring your tori™ toys to life!

  • Tip: It’s easy, always plug the red on the red side and blue on the blue side.

  • Tip: Be sure you took the 2 pieces to assemble the tori™ Wand

Play with Your Creativity

To create your own Spacecraft and pilot it in Crystal Chase:
1. Take a DIY Spacecraft in the Creative Kit
2. Customise it
3. Scan your masterpiece
4. Fold it following the instructions in the video
5. Plug the Power Bar
6. Enjoy a whole new adventure with your own Spacecraft

To customize your game universes:
1. Take the Creative Book in the Creative Kit
2. Customise one of the model
3. Scan your masterpiece
4. Enjoy a whole new adventure in your own universe

To craft a stand for your tablet or smartphone:
1. Take the DIY Stand in the Creative Kit
2. Customise it
3. Fold it and enjoy

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