To keep your kids actively engaged during these days at home, we guarantee the continuity of our operations and remain committed to ship our tori explorer pack directly to your home.


Get Started

Download the 4 tori™ Adventures on your device

The tori™ Adventures are available on the App Store and Google Play™ Store. And stay tuned, we will release new apps pretty soon!

Download the tori™ Dashboard

To fully enjoy the adventure, we recommend the download of the tori™ Dashboard on the parent’s device. Through the tori™ Dashboard, your parents will allow you to save your progression on the cloud, will send you challenges to overcome and finally observe how tori™ benefits to your development.

What's in the box?

Here is the full content of your Explorer Pack, it’s everything you need to dive into the tori™ world!

Charge your tori™ Board

  • Tip: Running out of battery? Use the USB cable provided in the Explorer Pack and plug it to the tori™ Board and then to any kind of USB charger.

Connect the tori™ Board

Discover a few steps to follow before playing.
– Put the device in front of you in landscape standing position.
– Take the tori™ Board and place it between you and your smart device.
– Turn the tori™ Board on.
– Activate the Bluetooth on your device
– Open one of the tori adventures
– Follow the instructions in-game.

  • Tip: To ensure the full functionality of the Mirror Play™ experience, be sure not to play near any metallic objects or surfaces as they may interfere with the board’s magnetic field detection technology.

Plug the Power Bar

The Power Bar owns a natural and endless energy coming from its magnetic core which helps bring your tori™ devices to life!

  • Tip: It’s easy, always plug the red on the red side and blue on the blue side.

  • Tip: Be sure you took the 2 pieces to assemble the tori™ Wand

Play with Your Creativity

To create your own Spacecraft and pilot it in Crystal Chase:
1. Take a DIY Spacecraft in the Creative Kit
2. Customise it
3. Scan your masterpiece
4. Fold it following the instructions in the video
5. Plug the Power Bar
6. Enjoy a whole new adventure with your own Spacecraft

To customize your game universes:
1. Take the Creative Book in the Creative Kit
2. Customise one of the model
3. Scan your masterpiece
4. Enjoy a whole new adventure in your own universe

To craft a stand for your tablet or smartphone:
1. Take the DIY Stand in the Creative Kit
2. Customise it
3. Fold it and enjoy

Still have some questions?