ls my device compatible with the tori Board and tori apps?

tori Board and tori apps app are designed to work with the most common and modern devices.

Please Note: If your device cannot find and download the tori apps in the App Store, then your device will not work with the tori Board.

When selecting a smartphone or tablet to use with tori, please consider the following important guidelines:

  • Minimum requirements
  • Validated devices
  • Operating systems

tori tests and publishes a list of devices with operating systems that we know to work well. This list is actively updated as we improve our product. Due to differences among devices, some devices that meet or exceed the minimum requirements may not work well with tori.

Minimum Requirements

Operating System

  • iOS 11.0+

Validated Devices and Operating Systems

The following are the devices and their operating systems that work with the tori Board and apps. All validated devices are running at least:

  • iOS 11.0+


  • All iPhone running iOS 11 or later
  • All iPad running iOS 11 or later