To keep your kids actively engaged during these days at home, we guarantee the continuity of our operations and remain committed to ship our tori explorer pack directly to your home.



tori™ Explorer Pack

tori™ combines the magic of digital with the fun of DIY activities to offer a whole new way to play. Discover this creative and imaginative experience, which allows families with children from 6 to 12 and beyond to enjoy interactive play while encouraging individual creativity, collaboration and critical thinking.

tori™ Board Bumper

Secure your tori™ Board with this official bumper. Made out of silicon with reinforced angles, the protective case shall protect your tori™ Board by absorbing the impact from a fall. Its soft touch and flexible material makes this protective case easy to put on and take off.

Customizable tori™ pouch & 10 washable markers

Get your hands on this unique tori™ pouch and express the full extent of your creativity. The pencase offers 10 color markers with a special washable ink allowing you to customize your pencase and start over again

tori™ Creative stickers set

Customize your journey and use this set of more than 200 stickers in your creations. Take them off, place them on your creations and flash your piece of art to integrate them in your experience

tori™ Creative Tapes

Use those 3 creative tapes to enrich your creations. Their total length enable you to personalize multiple creations, from the DIY Spacecrafts in Crystal Chase to the wall stickers in Supreme Builder.