Jungle Rescue

Save the Jungle

In an ancient tropical rainforest, an evil group of poachers and deforesters are kidnapping the Jungle Keepers and slowly letting the woodland die. For this reason, the elder Keeper requires your help!
Use the tori™ Catapult over the tori™ Board and find the ideal launch spots to break, move or activate the enemy’s structure and contraptions, and free the trapped Jungle Keepers with the key.

Create your own adventure

Beautify your adventure by customising it! Take the Creative Book and start your masterpiece. Enjoy 24 pages of in-game elements: colour, paint, or feel free to use any technique to personalise them. Scan your creations and they will come to life in the game.
Download further pages on our website to push the limits of your creativity.
Have fun by taking up additional challenges sent through the tori™ Dashboard app.

Learn through Play

Jungle Rescue is perfect to practice problem-solving skills such as scientific literacy as you need to understand the laws of physics, and critical thinking through the cause and effect relationship.
It is also a way to develop attentional control and short term memory as you need to remember the effects of each action, adjusting moves accordingly to succeed.