Crystal Chase

Become a Space Pilot

In Crystal Chase your objective is to chase and stop gangs of Space Pirates who are pillaging crystals from the city’s underground for their shady business.
Pilot the tori™ Spacecraft over the tori™ Board and prove your dexterity and reflexes by dodging harmful obstacles placed along the course. Defeat all the enemies by avoiding incoming projectiles and shooting back, and face the final boss of each of the 4 increasingly difficult underground universes. Collect the crystals to equip and upgrade your spacecraft with powerful weapons!

Create your own adventure

Supercharge your own adventure! Customise and play with your very own DIY Spacecraft.
Take one of the 4 DIY Spacecrafts and free your creativity. Colour, add some glitter or use any technique to personalise them. Fold the DIY Spacecrafts, scan your creations and they will come to life in 3D in the game. Enjoy a whole new adventure!
You can also find Creative Tape and stickers specially designed for the DIY Spacecraft on our website as well as more DIY Spacecraft cardboards to increase your collection.
Have fun by taking up additional challenges sent through the tori™ Dashboard app.

Learn through Play

Crystal Chase is perfect for developing motor coordination skills (reaction time as well as dexterity) by dodging obstacles, moving the spacecraft and shooting at enemies all at the same time.
It is also a good way to nurture cognitive flexibility and multi-tasking through switching quickly from task to task.