Supreme Builder

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Create your own World

Be the creator of a forgotten world in Supreme Builder, build the monuments and gather its inhabitants.
Use the tori™ Wand over the tori™ Board to pick up and manipulate 3D shapes and create buildings, monuments, artifacts or other creations. Everything is possible, imagine whatever you want. Play in three vibrant universes; a desert, a sea world and a cloudy island.



Customise your adventure

Forge your own adventure by customising it!
Take the Creative Book and start your masterpiece. Enjoy 15 pages of decals: colour, paint, or feel free to use any technique to personalise them. Scan your creations and use the stickers to customise your best monuments further still.
Download additional pages for free on our website.

Have fun by taking up additional challenges sent through the tori™ Dashboard app.


Crafting Accessories


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Learn through Play

Supreme Builder is the perfect way to express the full extent of your creativity. Spatial reasoning as well as planification is also honed by arranging different shapes to create magnificent structures just the way you want it.


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