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We spent 8 years developing a unique and multi-patented 3D tracking solution. This technology uses magnetic sensors in the tori™ Board to track the exact position and orientation of your tori™ Toy at any time. And this is how we can offer a perfect and instant reflection of your every move on screen!

With Toy Recognition

Each of the tori™ Toys are identified and digitally recreated in the games through RFID technology. A simple but magic chip which allows the tori™ Board to know exactly which toy is joining the adventure!


And Some Surprises

Tilt the tori™ Board and discover how this can change a game's experience tremendously! The accelerometer and gyroscope sensors are able to detect the exact orientation of the tori™ Board to add new surprises.


Imagine your Own tori™ World

With Super Spacecrafts

Imagine whatever you want, the only limit is your creativity! Colour, use stickers, paint or glitter your Spacecrafts.
Scan them and thanks to the Mirror Play™, fly your new piece of art in the game!

And Cool Universes

Open the Creative Book and craft the game universes with your creations! Each scan is the start of a new adventure!

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tori™ Kits

  • Explorer Pack

    iOS & Android
    Buy now | 169.00$
    • 1 tori™ Board
    • 3 tori™ toys (tori Catapult, tori™ Wand, tori™ Spacecraft)
    • 1 Power Bar
    • 1 Creative kit (4 DIY Spacecrafts + Creative Book + DIY Stand)
    • 4 Games
    • 1 tori™ Dashboard App
    • Free Shipping